I'll take a screen shot of the email they sent me last week. A bit different.

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I’m so glad! I enjoy History of Women a lot. I’m also a holder of 1991 “History with an emphasis on Women’s Studies” B.A. from what used to be an all male college. ;-) I’d love to write for you, and will read your guidelines.

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Congrats on the encouragement from Medium. BRAVA.

A week ago, I tried my voice at writing and delivering a sermon (only because I was asked by our Senior Warden to consider doing so, as we are between Rectors - Episcopal speak for “priest” or “pastor”).

Because it was the last Sunday in Women’s History Month, and the gospel reading featured two women - Mary & Martha who appear more than one time in the New Testament- I opened my sermon with the thought of the word “history” and how the world might be a lot different IF instead we used the word HERstory.

I must admit that the inspiration came from both this publication of yours and having seen SIX in the theater about 10 days before.

Frankly, I’m not sure if I’m any good at story telling in writing (I’m pretty good at it when at a podium in church or in the front of a classroom).

I do have a couple of ideas...maybe I’ll try. Cannot promise.

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