What I like about your writing is that you always introduce me to people I have never heard of before (vis. the subject of this article) and/or put new and unique spins on a lot of old ideas.

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Thanks, David, what a nice thing to say. She was such an inspiring woman and almost no one knows about her. :)

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Love this story.

The doctor wasn't a jackass.

The assumption that people will stay where they always stayed is usually so.

I'm confident if she had stayed in that environment, under those conditions, she surely would not have survived longer.

The fresh air, activity free from wearing burdens, cutting loose from every loved one being gone, freedom from constant mocking attitudes from local yokels, loving care from the world at large : restores purpose joy reward for living.

She worked long and hard for a rewarding retirement, and a payback that made it all worth the Battle.

I praise the Lord for such great endings to apparently pointless lives!

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Well, I guess her physician with the poor prognosis for her life expectancy should have been called the “jackass doctor.”

Annie’s dream gave her the impetus to keep moving...and in doing so she found her voice!

Great story. Love it!

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There are so many stories like this, and I’m grateful that you are bringing them to light.

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