Some people think women have wage equality. They're wrong. We never have and we still don't.
100 years later, it's still no. Here's the exact sentence she asked them to agree to. I don't understand why they said no. Do you?
In recognition of International Women's Day -- women who proved lady brains are not inferior and never were.
It's not about equality or women's rights

February 2023

She was a world champion and movie star, but at the end of her career her greatest pride was freeing women from police measuring their skirts on the…
Her greatest fear was scaring kids. Mr. Rogers helped defuse that fear until Sesame Street came along and made it all worse.
The touching and true story of a woman, a horse and a little doggie who made a 7000 mile journey of a lifetime and lived to tell the tale.
She was mentally ill because she was allowed an education, a doctor told her father. Books were the problem. No more books.

January 2023

When Victor Hugo died at 83, despite that he’d asked for a pauper’s burial, two million people showed up for his funeral.
Some day, somewhere, if you happen to see Canterbury Bells growing in a field or perhaps an English garden, I hope you’ll think of me.
In 2019, scientists and archeologists found the cave of Medusa with fragments of a 2500 year old carving of her
A heartwarming story of an introvert who followed her heart, found success and became an unexpected heroine